Turkeyville Tractor Show

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Turkeyville Tractor Show is a one of a kind Tractor Show that you need to be a part of. The Calhoun County Yesteryear's club and Turkeyville are hosting the third annual Tractor Show at Turkeyville. This show is dedicated to the history and grandness of the tractor and other machinery. We celebrate by creating an engaging event where you have a chance to learn and to see how the machinery works. By sponsoring this show you will help grow the ways we can engage and entertain you while teaching about the history of farming and machinery.



Show Stopper          $500.00

  • One VIP Parking Space at the show

  • Booth Space for display at no charge

  • Sponsor Banner with logo and name

  • Display of your promotional material at the welcome center

  • Listing on the program

  • Announcement at the event

  • Logo and listing on the Website

  • A Premiere Parking Place to Show off your goods


The Big Tractor       $250.00

  • Sponsor Banner

  • Announcement at the event

  • Listed on the program

  • Listed on Website

  • A Special Parking Space for Show off your goods


The Field Work        $100.00

  • Listing on the Sponsor Banner

  • Listed on the Program

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